Thursday, 25 August 2011

Part One (long story..but not!)

Have I really not blogged since the start of my course? Well, that gives you an indication of how hard I'm working.
I'm really enjoying the course (to be a Personal Trainer), can't believe it's week 2 already! Have met some really great people and some not so great but let's forget them for now.

In my first 2 weeks I've had two mock exams (passed both) and a formative assessment (passed that too) I have to have my offical assesment on Monday or Tuesday next week. Was SO stressed about it this morning, I honestly thought I was going to be sick haha drama queen!!
For our assessments we had to be put in pairs and act as a Personal Trainer to our 'client' - make sence?
We had to write out a session plan for our 'client' and our tutor would randomly select portions of the plan and we'd have to act it out.
I got some good feedback, oddly enough was told I didn't talk enough! I explained that I didn't want my tutor to think I was pissing about or not taking it seriously. Main thing is..I passed! You have to pass before you can take the offical assessment.

Gahhh...have been trying to write this blog for a few days now and I have to leave.....ok...part 2 coming soon!!!

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  1. is that the training rooms course your doing?! I did the same course last september, so tough but changed my life. Good luck : )