Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Step in the Right Direction's been a while eh?
So much has happened it's hard to know where to start.

Well, let's start with this. I made a decision about my future and my decision was this : I'm going to become a Personal Trainer! Yeah, that's right...ME a personal trainer.

I'd been thinking about it for a while but had no idea how to even get the first step on the ladder for something like that. So I did a bit of research and I found a course that I've applied for. It's a 6 week full time intensive course that by the end will qualify me as a PT (personal trainer - just saves me having to re-type that every time)
It's very exciting, I'll have to learn about anatomy and nutrition etc but I am super keen and I KNOW this is something I'd be good at. let's face it, I lost a lot of weight on my own and did it the sensible way, so I know what I'm talking about. Plus, since I've started coaching my roller derby team I've discovered this whole other side to myself that I didn't know I had.
There is so much I can do with the qualification too. My plan is to work for a gym for about 6months to a year and then hopefully i'll have built up a client base so I can step out on my own.. Am hoping to set up some evening classes too. I can maybe even specialise in antenatal health and fitness or disablity or rehabilitation of an injury.

This is a pretty big deal for me, not even couting the fact that I'm a former fatty and if you'd asked me a few years ago if I'd ever consider a career in health and fitness I'd have laughed in your face! BUT this is a career too...a career...never thought I'd have one of those. I have quite happy bimbling along doing basic shop jobs, almost hoping that something better would just happen to me. Never considered actually making something happen for myself!

I just know this is the right thing for me to do...or at least I hope so - ignore that IT IS the right thing for me.
I register this Friday and so will hopefully find out if there is a space left on the August course or if I have to wait till September. Eeeeeeeek! Am so excited.
 This is only the begining.


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Moan bloody moan

Well, where to begin.

The vegan baking demonstrations at the Food Festival went really well. I was a little bit nervous but as soon as I started speaking my nerves melted away & I just got on with it. EVERYONE loved the cakes and lots of people took my recipe/vegan info flyers. Some people asked questions..some about the baking, some about being vegan and even one guy asked if I missed bacon sandwiches (I don't).
So I was really pleased with how it went but later in the evening I was struck down (how dramatic) by a migrane. I'm never sure what brings them on and luckily I maybe get 1 a year but when a do boy are they a wopper!
Not only did it last all night but I had a migrane 'hangover' for the next 2 days. It was horrible and the worst part is there is nothing that seems to help. I just have to lie in the dark and try my best to sleep it off which is damn near impossible. So lame.

In other news, I started a cleaning job this week. It's both good &'s only an hour a day (but I have to make up an extra 45mins over the 6 days I work) which is fine but not really earning enough to relax a bit from, if that makes sense plus I won't get paid for 5 weeks!!! ugh, it's such a boring tale I can't be bothered to blog about it. Point is I have to wait 5weeks to get paid & only doing 6.75hrs a week means I'm not exactly going to be rolling in cash by the time I get paid.

So, with this in mind, I've been feeling a little bit down about being out of work & having no money. Every day I keep hoping I'll get some good news but every doesn't happen. Which brings me to todays tale of woe.
I almost had the opportunity to Bout next weekend. I've been training since November and I've scrimmaged quite a few times & I feel totaly confident about doing it but wanted to check with my co-director because I really value her opinion & wanted to hear her thoughts.
.....she basically said I'm not quite there yet. I'm not ashamed (or maybe I am) to admit that I got upset. I could tell he wanted to say oh go on then, but I didn't want to guilt her into it. I wanted her to say yes! go for it, but that didn't happen.
I know I'm not far off from the bouting stage but it's so frustrating. I think I just wanted something good to happen, something I could look forward to.

When it comes to roller derby I love REALLY love it, even more so I really love coaching the team and if I'm honest I'm starting to feel like even that is being taken away from me. Which is almost more upsetting because I know I'm good at it.
We've had a hockey coach get involved with our team and while I know we'd be fools to have turned down his offer for helping coach, I can't help but feel a little usurped. I feel like we only have 2 hours to train a week and he takes up valuable time. It's all useful stuff he's teaching us but it's not derby. I'm so aware as I write this that I would so selfish and petulant but I can't help but just feel a little redundant sometimes.
So today when I was feeling a bit down about my unemployed status, having a cleaning job that is barely paying me anything and the one thing that could have cheered me up...well, just wasn't on the cards.
I hate feeling so bloody useless. Like I'm no good at anything..can't get a job, not good enough to bout, I feel like I'm a good coach but ..pah! I'm so fed up I don't even want to finish this sentence.

Oh it's all a bit moany moany isn't it?
I've been trying so hard to stay positive in the face of all the bad situations but my patience is wearing a bit thin.
I just need something good to happen...I know it will, eventually but sooner rather than later would be good.
I don't like to leave things on a down note on here so I'll leave this with a great quote I saw today.

"My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot"
Says it all really.
Night xxx

Monday, 4 July 2011

A work in progress much to update.

First things first...the town I live in is hosting a Food Festival this weekend and I was offered the chance to have a vegan baked goods stall. I was so excited about it but as I started planning I realised that I just didn't have the time to get everything sorted. It's dissapointing because I'd love to do it, but I just don't have the time & it was stressing me out BIG TIME.
So, instead of having a stall I'm doing 2 vegan baking demos...on a stage...with a microphone and everything!!
Am quite excited about it.

I'm also planning on attending a Mixed Martial Arts class tomorrow evening. I've wanted to have a go at kickboxing etc for a while but didn't know anywhere that did it. Turns out there are some classes just up the road from my house (who knew?!)  so I'm going to give it a go, the first lesson is free so I can't argue with that. Will no doubt blog about it.

I'm still unemployed...and it sucks! It was part of the reason I wanted to do the stall at the festival, earn some cash. I really thought I'd have something by now..even if it wa a cleaning job. I hate being out of work. I have so many plans for when I have some regular money coming in. I've been thinking a lot about getting some kind of sports and fitness qualification. At the back of my mind I keep thinking I'd like to be a personal trainer or something like that. I LOVE coaching my roller derby team, it's so rewarding, but I don't get paid for doing that :( if only I did...I would be one happy skater.

Well, I've got to get back to the job hunt...I need money and something to do!!
Wish me luck..