Sunday, 20 March 2011

Derby Derby Derby!

Well, what a weekend..the best part about it has been all the Roller Derby action!

But let's start with Friday shall we...

This Friday was Red Nose Day ..if you're not from the UK Comic Relief is a charity that relies on public donations to help support children in underprivileged countried but also does a lot of work for children in the UK too. Point is, every year we are encouraged to "do something funny for money" to help with their efforts to raise a lot of money. I havn't done anything to raise money since I was at school (too long ago to remember) so this year I wanted to get involved.

So, I wore my Roller Derby gear to work (including skates) and raised over £60!! Now, £60 may not sound like anything to get that excitied about, but when you hear that just £15 can pay for up to 40 babies to receive a course of malaria medicine it really puts that money into perspective.
I'm really glad I did my bit to help...also raised the profile of my Roller Derby team too which is always great!

Looking good right ?
I had so much fun wearing my skates at work..props to my boss who allowed me to do it! If only I could wear this to work every day *sigh

After a great day at work, I went round to a friends house for an early birthday celebration of dinner & lots of pink wine - yum! Had a delicious meal ( bless her, my friend was a little intimidated at cooking a vegan meal, don't know whym she did an excellent job!) and I provided some vegan chocolate cupcakes, my husband & I read her kids a bedtime story and then after a few too many glasses of wine, my husband & I made our way home.

Saturday was the day of the London Rockin' Rollers Bout...what a game! The Tiger Bay Brawlers put up a great fight but the Rockin' Rollers pipped them to the post 112-73 and in the 2nd game of the day The Rockin' Rollers crushed the Leeds Roller Dolls 172-31, but those Dolls were still great, they put on a good show.

Will post some pics from the bout a little later (hopefully today)

Today, I've been getting my craft on while the Glasgow Roller Girls play against Central City Roller Girls on Roller Derby UK tv I love that site, they stream love Dery bouts in the UK pretty much every weekend. If there's a bout..those guys are there! It's a really good quality streaming site too, very few interuptions. I'd highly recommend if you like your derby that you check them out.

Am currently waiting for my husband to get home so I can get dinner on...was super hungry earlier & thought to myself, I'll just have a wee snack to tide me over - I ended up having a bit of a binge on hummus & pitta bread - oops! crochet won't finish itself ..if only it could ;)


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I'm baaaaaack!

For how long? I don't know.

About a month ago I deleted all my old posts. I started blogging around September 2010 and did is so sporadically that after a few months of not writing anything I became fed up with the whole thing and deleted the lot!

Looking back, I'm kinda glad I did. It's time to take a deep breath & start again.
Am going to try my hardest to blog as often as I can and to not sweat the little things.

I've been battling a sore throat, hacking cough and low mood today so will keep things short otherwise I'll end up spiraling into a 'woe is me' pity party and NO ONE needs to read about that!
So, my plans for the evening are to stay wrapped up, plenty of hot drinks and induldge in just one or two (who am I kidding?!) of these lovely Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Eggs....yum!

Good night!