Saturday, 11 June 2011

30 Day Shred

Well bugger me..I found my mojo!
I don't know if it's a reaction to being out of work and now having a lot of time on my hands but I've been a lot more active and have started writing down what I'm eating again.
I also started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I LOVE IT!! I'm only on day 2 of level 1 but hey, we all have to start somewhere..and I really want to lose the half a stone (7lbs) I've gained recently.

My muscles ache..and I mean EVERY muscle in my body, how I'm going to cope with a 3 hour roller derby session tomorrow I really don't know..and I have to work in the shred on top of that too - madness!!
I really hope I stick with it, I feel so good after doing the DVD.

So, last night I hooked up with a girl I've only met once but she had a spare ticket to see Dylan Moran, the highly amusing Irish comedian :) So we hooked up and went together.
I normally feel a bit anxious when meeting up with someone I don't know very well (hell, who am I kidding it happens with people I know really well too) but it didn't happen. The girl is an alternative model and as it turns out we know A LOT of the same people & local (ish) bands. I had a great night, only had 3 drinks and managed to work them into my calorie allowance for the day :)
Have made plans to meet up for a drink again sometime soon.

Today has been great so far except my neck is still giving me problems. I had my first session of physio last week and by god it was BRUTAL. The woman who I saw gave me some exercises to do and she told me she wasn't concerned, no nerve damage blah blah blah BUT I've been in a fair amount of pain today, since I woke up. I also forgot to pick up my perscription today so if I get any sleep tonight it will be a miracle!
I havn't taken any painkillers for my neck is quite a while but I'm very tempted to tonight.


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