Sunday, 29 May 2011

Short but sweet

Sunday is Roller Derby training day for me....and as far as I'm concerned Derby is the ONLY reason to get out of bed early on Sunday - can I get an amen?!

We had a guest hockey coach go through a few hockey drills with us and it was really good fun. It didn't leave us with a lot of time afterwards so we went straight onto some scrimmaging goodness. Our girls are ROCK HARD! I am so impressed and proud of each and every one of them.
There was some excellent agressive skating going on, every week their confidence grows and it's really great to see. There are times when I notice that my own skating skills are falling behind because I've been coaching but when I see how far our girls have come along in the last couple of months I know it's been worth it.
My moment will someone from the Derby world once quoted (she always seems to say what I need to hear)
"Never let anyone discourage you about how great you're becoming! There's nothing about a caterpillar that says I'm about to be a butterfly!" 

Had a HUGE bowl of vegan chili and was naughty and may have eaten a few too many tortilla chips with it...but c'mon..what is chili without tortilla chips? a bit bloody dull! But I didn't eat as many as I used to and technically they weren't Doritos (I'm a recovering Doritos addict - 2months clean) so i don't feel too guilty about it.

The rest of my evening includes some crochet (it's the new rock 'n roll) and possibly a movie a bit later. I can't quite believe it's 8pm already! Today has gone so quickly...amd so glad there's a bank holiday tomorrow....ahhh I lie in awaits :)

Until I write again.....


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