Saturday, 28 May 2011

Another day another blog

mmmm black coffee & doughnuts, it really is the breakfast of champions!

I got up pretty late this morning *cough it was practically the afternoon. However I had a terrible nights sleep the night before so I'm giving myself permission to have a lie in.

Lots of stuff happening at the moment. I'm losing my job, which is heartbreaking to me. I really do love working in a book shop and especially an independant one, sure we get plenty of annoying customers who just love to tell us how much of a better deal they get at bigger comercial store like Waterstones & WH Smiths but as many of our good customers have been saying, they'll miss us when we're gone.
I've had some really lovely comments from customers saying how much they're going to miss our shop & how it wasn't just the stock but the friendly knowledgeable staff (that's me!) I'm going to be so upset on my last day, which is coming up pretty soon :(

I've only had one interview for a new job and believe me when I say it would be perfect! The hours suit me down to the ground & the offices are litterally a 2min walk from my house. It's almost a little too good to be true, am waiting to hear if I get a second interview next fingers crossed!

Onto other news:

My roller derby team are going well. We've been going now for 6 months and every month we have a long waiting lost of girls who want to try out for the team.
I'm really not kidding when I say that roller derby has changed my life. The opportunities I've been given through it are amazing. I am so proud to call myself a director AND coach!! Yeah me..a sports coach haha
I was due to go on a coaching course earlier this month which got cancelled (yet another shitty thing to happen - i'v had a horrible couple of months) and it would have meant that if i passed I would have been a qualified skating coach. Am really hoping that the course gets going again soon! So keep your fingers crossed for that please!

So, it's a bank holiday weekend!
I have no plans whatsoever...but I kinda like that, I'm free to do whatever.
I went for a run with the dog yesterday, and did 30mins of my exercise bike, I think I may have found my mojo! It went missing a few months ago and I gained 7lbs -lame!! but it's all down to bad habits so I should be able to lose them again....friggin' hope so.

While I'd love to not beat myself up over some weight gain (a really small numbered to what I've lost overall too) BUT when your clothes are getting too tight to be comfortable then somethings gotta give..and it's not going to be the button on my jeans!!
So, I'm back to writing down everything I eat and trying to some exercise every day...I can do this.

Am going to get a bit of crafty goodness done (crochet time!!) then take the woofer out for a walk and then maybe a trip to the talkies! :)

bye all xxxx

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