Friday, 15 April 2011

What's your favourite scary movie?

Today, was a very important day..for months well about a year really I have been waiting.....for Scream4! It came out today & although my neck is killing me now (or at least it was - can you hear the rattle of the meds?) it was totaly worth it - I really enjoyed it. I would say if you liked the first 3 (and why wouldn't you?) You'll like it.
People give the Scream films and horror a bad rap and it's so undeserved. Yes there are some truly awful horror flicks out there but there are so many fantastic ones too..which really is the subject of another blog for some other time.

In other news (ha!) I had a lovely visit from my Mother-in-Law this afternoon. She brought me flowers (lillys) Green & Blacks 85% dark choc & a diet red bull. She knows my pain, she's had a trapped nerve before too and knows how miserable it can be.
Whilst I have a lot more movement in my neck today, it's felt more stiff than sore but I still had to take a couple pills when I got back from the cinema. I probably shouldn't have gobe but it's SCREAM4 people..sometimes you gotts risk the consequences.

p.s On the subject of Scream4 (YOU WILL FIND NO SPOILERS HERE...EVER!) I really liked Hayden Panettiere, I wasn't all that keen on her before. i loved the first season on Heroes but then I lost interest pretty quickly into season two & I'll admit I painted her with the annoying average teen girl. Hoping she'll get some better roles now.

I am soooooooo cold today, no idea why, it's really not that cold outside, well it's 11degrees now but I'm sure it was warmer earlier but i've been freezing all day. Maybe it's because i've not been eating that much recently. I've been alseep so often over the past two weeks i'm sleeping through lunch most days and havn't been snacking much recently, but I havn't lost any weight so ..gahhh I dunno..point is I'M FREEZING!!

I'm gonna have a cup of tea then toddle off to bed & read some more of my book.

Night x

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