Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I had decided to do a blog post or two this week but an unexpected injury has cocked that plan right up!

I slept quite badly on Saturday night, I have a history of insomnia but really I put it down to anxiety due to the fact that my Roller Derby team start training on Sundays now & as the team has been going for 5 months it was time to lay down the law & make the girls understand that we need a commitment etc So I had some announcements to make & I guess I was feeling a bit nervous about it.

So, I woke up Sunday morning  feeling very tired but also with a sore neck that I put down to sleeping funny. It was painful but manageable so I just got on with training as usual. However Sunday night I barely got any sleep as my neck had gotten so much worse during the night and by Monday morning - I couldn't move!

Ended up at the Doctors & turns out I have a trapped nerve in my neck/shoulder. It was AGONY..I'm not ashamed to admit I cried it was so bad. The Doc gave me Diazepam & some anti-inflammatories which I was hoping would do the trick but alas they did nothing.
So, I had to back again today. I am now on mega painkillers & Diazepam which means I've spent the day pretty out of it, not exactly pain free but so much better than yesterday. I have an appointment with an Osteopath tomorrow too..which freaks me out a bit ( the whole idea of it makes me gag! bleugh) but I have to do something, when the painkillers wear off It's back to being in agony..no joke, it's so bad :(

I have to stop writing now..am lying down which makes typing a bit of an issue plus I just took another dose of medication & I'm feeling pretty loopy...
Will post again soon...

Night all x

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