Monday, 11 April 2011

Ok ok..I lied

Ok so i promised that I would be a good blogger & make more of an effort to blog regularly, but so much has happened including having a trapped nerve in my neck/shoulder (that I have bored everyone to tears talking about - including myself) and have been mega busy with Roller Derby related business.

Speaking of which, I am so proud of my girls. My derby team was born in November 2010 and despite a rocky start has gone on to become a real team and we're getting bigger & stronger every day. Each month we have a long waiting list of girl who want to try out. FRESH MEAT - woo hoo!
We've stepped up the training and the girls have responded well. I can feel their enthusiasm growing with each session and they are pulling out all the stops. I want us to be the best - and we will!
My husband (Mr Moxie) has been a busy bee and has knocked up a kick ass website for us, which I'm hoping will go live in the next week or so. It's been a long time coming but it'll be worth the wait!

I feel like lots of great things are happening for me at the moment and it's so exciting but a bit bloody scary too, I feel like finally after 30 years my life is starting to make sense..and it's about bloody time!!!
I just hope I don't let anyone down and this really can be the start of something that will change my life, again it sounds corny but Roller Derby has changed my life, I'm becoming a person I always knew I could be if given the chance and luckily I've found somone who saw some potential in me & gave me the freedom to try.

As for now though, I'm on so many strong meds that I'll be surprised if when I read this back tomorrow it makes any sense at all and is spelled correctly. Fingers crossed.

I've been signed off work for a week so who knows, if i'm not alseep due a drug induced haze then maybe i'll get a chance to blog a bit more & maybe..just maybe say something or worth.

Here's lookin' at you kid..


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