Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nurse! She's out of bed again

Well,here I am, day 3 of my week signed off. Am uncomfortable, bored & fed up. BUT, it has been nice to actually get a decent nights sleep (thank you modern medicine) but these meds I'm taking means I keep falling asleep, so I'm losing days, which is urreal to say the least.

I've been doing my best to keep up with Roller Derby Business, our website looks the shit! I can't wait for it to go live, fingers crossed it'll still happen by the end of this week. Next week at the latest.
I also have some very exciting news which I've not written about or even told anyone about yet..not sure why, I guess I just don't want to jinx it.

It's not even all that amazing but for me it's a really BIG deal. I'm booked onto a coaching course in May, it's over two weekends and if I pass ( which I'm going to try my hardest to do) I'll be a qualified skating cool is that?! It means that I can get paid to teach how to skate. Now obviously all this sort of stuff isn't going to happen over night but it's a start and I'm so excited about it. Am nervous as hell about it too..what if I fail? It costs a lot of money to do this course & i'll feel awful  if I don't pass. Am hoping my enthusiasm and passion for roller derby will get me through. Am so glad I'll be doing the course with the other Director of our Team, I am so lucky to have met her. She gives me the confidence to do what I kinda think I can do but she's there to give me that push.
So at least I won't be alone on the's daunting but am sure it'll be a lot of fun too.

On a totaly unrlated topic, how GREAT are onion bagels? I mean, how have I lived on this planet for 30 years and never tried one? I've had plain bagels before, they're ok..nothing to get excited about. Then one day the supermarket ran out of brown pitta bread - can you imagine?! and I was stuck....what to dip in my hummus ( sometimes chopped veg just won't do) so I splashed out on some onion bagels. Am now jonesing for more..MORE! They're great..a little too more-ish though..much like my new addiction of slow roasted tomato hummus. It's borderline orgasmic..esp with an onion bagel.

How, can you tell I'm still on some strong meds..this blog is all over the place & is taking so long to write because I keep misspelling things and typing too fast creating gibberish etc

I've been dying to do some more crafting recently, I've been pretty lax about it, alhtough witha fucked up neck, theres not a lot I can do. I tried doing a bit of crochet the other day but my neck just couldn't hack it, never realised how much I look dow when I do it. I love crochet, but can really only makes, hats and leg/arm warmers. Love making hats quick, so easy. I need to splash out on some new yar (yarn - being vegan means I won't use real wool only acrylic so calling it yarn - although an americanism, sounds better that saying wool coz then some smart arse will come out with the old.."but you're vegan" - blahhh)

Speaking of some point i'll have to update this blog so I can put up some link to some awesome vegan blogs and some awesome roller derby blogs too...they are out there & they are good :)

so enough of my drugged up's been real.
peace out


P.S as I previewed this blog I noticed that I really need to start adding some pics to these ramblings, don't you think? otherwise it's like really a bloody essay..and a farily boring one at that. time there will be photos!!

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